Individuals and Couples

When something is amiss in life, we create conflicts with our relationships or we develop conflicts within ourselves. We enact habitual patterns to try to work this out by repeatedly choosing the wrong partner, using food and alcohol in a chaotic way, or refusing to change unsatisfying work situations. Individual therapy can be an opportunity to gain insight, create long lasting change and develop healthy connections through an interactive relationship with a therapist. I offer a compassionate presence and attention to what may be underneath that harmful inner dialogue so that we can use those understandings as a catalyst for change.

Couples may come to therapy with a specific conflict or a brewing tension that needs exploration. People intentionally or unintentionally hurt each other through having affairs, being dishonest and distracted, withholding attention, and spending too much time at work. Couples therapy can be a place to heal wounds, reduce resentment and find the root of the conflict. I work with any two people that need couples therapy, which includes siblings, best friends, and romantic partners of any gender and sexual orientation.